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Car Care Club

Dear Friends and Clients,

Buying a car is expensive. And unfortunately, maintaining that car to keep it safe and in peak running condition can be expensive too…that is…until now!

Dave RaischelAll of us at Dave’s Auto Care are pleased to offer our exclusive Dave’s Auto Care Car Club.

We’ve formed this Club to help you save hundreds of dollars on many of the auto repair services that you’ll probably need over the next year in order to properly maintain your car.

Membership Has Its Privileges
When you join our Club, you’ll be one of our privileged clients that will get to enjoy hundreds of dollars in savings over the next 15 months. As a member, you’ll receive a special Car Care Club Card that is filled with all of the following car care products and services:

  • FREE – 4 Complete Oil Changes, filter and lubrication (A $119.80 Value)
  • FREE – A Buy One / Get One Free Wiper Blade Installed ( A $15.00 Value)
  • $20 Off – Any Fluid Flush Service (Transmission, Power Steering, Brake Fluid or Coolant)
  • $25 Off – An Engine Diagnostic Test (Check Engine Light, E-Check Test or Drivability Problem)
  • FREE – Two (2) Tire Rotations (A $37.90 Value, Recommended every 6,000 miles)
  • $20.00 Off – Computerized Wheel Alignment (Recommended annually)
  • $10% Off – Labor Charges (Up to $50.00 / One time use)
  • FREE – Towing To Dave’s Auto Care (Up to $55.00)
  • $25.00 Off – Brake Repair, Front or Rear

Add up all the savings and you’ll find that you could easily save over $367.70 in one year! But even if you didn’t use any of the other services on the card, using only the four FREE Oil Changes will equal the value of the membership.

You’re not limited to using your Car Care Club Card on only one car. So even if you’re driving a newer car and may not need all of the services on the card, you can give it to your spouse or a family member and let them use it to save money on any repairs they may need. Heck, at this low price, the Car Care Club Card makes an excellent gift for anyone that owns a car.

Why Are We Doing This?
Well quite frankly, we want you to thing of us for all of your car maintenance and repair needs. We’d rather bundle many of the services that you’re going to need over the next year and put them on one discount card. That way, the next time you need service, you won’t have to go searching the papers to find the best coupons. You’ll already have the Car Care Club Card with the best specials on it right in your own glove box.

Plus we love to see our clients coming back to our shop again and again. We’ve found that we can do a much better job repairing and maintaining your vehicle if we get a chance to see it every few months when you get your oil changed and possibly discover that worn belt or cracked hose before it strands you on the side of the road.

How Do I Sign Up?
Just stop by, visit us, and sign up in person! You can even apply any free or discounted services when you service your vehicle the same day you sign up for the CAR CARE CLUB.

P.S – Remember, as a member of our Car Care Club, you can save $367.70 on many of the services that you’ll need to maintain your car over the next year. And the (4) four FREE Oil Changes alone will pay for the membership of only $129.95.

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